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Author:  bazza2000 [ Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Welcome to the Forum

Just wanted to put a note out to say welcome to the forum. The forum is in its infancy, however, it appears we're already on the radar of a number of British Gas (BG) employees who are working in and around the Hive arena from Developers to Installers, so hopefully, the forum will grow quickly as more people get the product installed and start looking at ways to improve, fault find and generally understand how better to use it and also what else there is out there which in the future may integrate to help us all better manage our homes and hopefully save ourselves some money in the process.

Although there may be a lot of low level technical posts in certain sections of the forum, please don't feel that your problem or question belongs in a more basic forum. I (we) are here to help all comers from the non computer literate housewives/husbands to the low level machine code kiddies who are stopping by on their way to inventing the next facebook or twitter. No question is too small and hopefully no problem too great. The forum is only as good as the people that use it and therefore content is king and the more questios that get asked, the more information we can provide to new users etc.

A key part of the forum is the suggestions section. Given that BG are keeping an eye on the forum, they will apparently be taking on board any suggestions or improvements to the products, so please feel free to create a new post with any wild or simple ideas that you have to either improve or fix any area of the Hive product.

So keep em coming and let see if we can't bring a little happiness to everyones lives :D

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